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Re: Saw an A8, impressions.

Robert W Obrien wrote:

> I've seen a few A8s around. I guess it is just the Audi nut in me that
> makes the tremendous size of the A8 noticeable (the only one bigger than a
> type 44!) but I have to wonder, why the carping? It looks substantial,
> expensive, and entirely Audi. Sedans of this size and cost are almost
> necessarily conservative-looking. Even the old ItaresaM Quattroporte (no,
> it's RWD) was rather bluff-looking- this from the people who brought us
> the Ghibli and Bora. The hey-look-at-me style is misplaced in this market.
> Which is far,far out of my budget, but should I achieve outrageous fortune
> (or
> Lotto wins) the A8 4.2q would indeed be *my* first choice in daily
> drivers...
> Rant mode off!
> rgds,
> Rob

IMHO, I join Rob. The "gold packages" put on Lexuses of new-rich owners
by far less tasty, than A8. I sat in A8, it's an awesome masterpiece of
neering. Given enough money, I would probably still remain true to
(Wagon-craze)  and get the '99 A6 Avant.