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Re: Diff lock guard

>	I was wondering if anyone knows of an invention or has devised a
>handsome cover for the differential lock button on the center console of
>quattros with the locking rear diff.? I always have clumsy/curious
>passengers that think it is fun to press things of which purpose they know
>not and then I have to struggle to turn it off (which is another
>question). Something that wouldn't look out of place in a classy Audi

I've been wondering the same thing... And I share your sentiments about
people who like to push buttons... I think you could fabricate a cover
yourself quite easily. Here's my idea.

Get some plexiglass or lucite; you don't need much. Cut a rectangular piece
that will form the top of the cover, large enough to cover the differential
lock display and button. I think you want to cover the display too because
that'll just make that part of the center console that much more
uninteresting to nosy passengers.

You'll next need to cut strips to form the sides of the cover. The strips
would need to be wide enough (1/4 inch perhaps?) so the cover sits high
enough so as not to be pressing down on the differential lock button. Epoxy
the side pieces to the top piece, forming the box-top-like cover. Spray
paint or otherwise color or cover appropriately for your vehicle.

The only problem I see beyond making the cover is securing it in place in
such a way that you can remove it easily but it won't fly off by itself.
One thing that comes to mind is velcro, but that would look ugly when the
cover is not in place. But of course, the cover is going to be in place
most of the time, right?

In my '94 90CSQ, I have an armrest that swings down off the driver's seat,
and that protects the diff lock somewhat, but its still exposed. Now that
I've laid out this little project, I'm going to have to try to make one!

Hope this helps.

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