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Re: Audi 5000 GTS???

Armstead, Brian wrote:
> While at a local (Wash D.C. area) VW "Bugout" event, I spotted an Audi
> 5000 GTS.  Looked just like an '86-87 5k turbo, but the wheels (the
> regular turbo flat faced 5 spoker) had a large black center hubcap with
> the four ring logo.  Anyone know the history of this car?
> Brian
> 89 2cq
> 86 5kt
Sounds like a 5000 Q or 5000TQ with a "GT" emblem from a Coupe GT.
** God Bless! **
Rick H. Louie
1984 Coupe GT - Zermatt Silver, 129K, New clutch!, New Custom FF Exhaust