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Re: A/C, Radio, Arrrrrg!

mike posner wrote:
> Elliot writes re problems eith ac controls and noise in rr speaker
> when ing
> switch on /off.  Does the speaker popping/noise coincide with cycling
> on/off of a/c compressor?

No, they seem independent of each other.

> and do you have the bose speakers?  

No, I have the Audi Gamma system which is a Blaupunkt head unit and
Namika (? something like that, I forget) rear drivers.

> If so the problems with both the
> a/c
> control and the speaker pops or clicks may be the result of a voltage
> spike
> backing up the hot wire to the air cond. clutch.  If so, a Zener diode
> (NTE
> part # 4926) wired in line with the
> acclutch hot wire, effectively allows current to go one way only, to
> the ac
> clutch
> (arrow on the diode points down. Any spiking, current backing up the
> wire
> goes to
> ground, thus eliminating the two problems.Audi  has a tech bulletin
> (#92-02- group 87)
> and they sell a diode and wire harness for about $100 or $250
> installed as
> I recall.
> I found the above NTE part at a local electronic store for $2.00 and
> it
> still works fine.
> Hope this works for you.  Mike.

That definitely sounds like an idea.  I'll look into it.