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A4 Avant -Reply

I'll have to check that out...
Exactly my plan bro!!!
Although...don't know too many brethren surf buddies willing to shell
out 30k for a car, but...many of my windsurfing buddies may not have
such a problem with it.
(1)  Guess this means the A4Avant will initially be offered only with
the V6 eh?
(2)  Guess that means the VW Pst Avt shouldn't have a problem being
offered with the 1.8t eh?
(3)  Wonder if Audi would pay me to finally get off my ass and
restore my own woodies.  Got three old Ford Country Squire wagons
(49, 50, 51) I would be more than happy to rent out to AoA for a
small fee (restoration costs?)
(4)  That VW syncro avant is looking better and better (and cheaper)
Derek Daily
86 VW Qtm Syncro
San Mateo, CA

>>> William J Murin <murin@uwp.edu> - 8/29/97 5:46 PM >>>

Has a pix of the A4 with a surf board on top and a woody wagon in the

words like Cowabunga, little deuce coupe, righteously cool, all
appear in the ad.
Audi's ad agency refes to the car as "the outrageously new Audi
Dont know if I'm into cowabunga or righteously cool, but the
sheetmetal is impressive enough.  \MSRP of $30,465 in FWD trim with a
5speed tiptronic.
Looks way cool to me!!

a child of the 60s.