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water pump

OK, I've got an '87 5KCSTQ.

Since my I'm getting a steady dripping from the region of my water pump
when my engine gets warmed up, I'm guessing I need a water pump. The
hoses seem fine. I'm wondering if the o-ring ever goes before the pump?
I trusted the dealer to replace the pump (after I told them to) when the
did the timing belt at about 80K (now at 140K). Is there any difference in
pump manufactures? (i.e. why does Blau sell it for $35 new and Carlson
wants $80?) I'm going to extract the pump tonight and inspect it before
ordering a new one. The timing belt looks good (no cracking), so I'm not
going to wrestle with that harmonic balancer this time around.

So, any feelings on who sells the best pumps? (or are the all made by the
same people?)