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The 855ks Blower saga

First My deepest thanks once again to robert myers
with roberts guidance I think I have isolated my climate control problem down to
a few possiblities 

My problem is that my 85 5000s heater/ac blower comes on and goes off comes on and
goes off all by itself usually in the mornings it will fire up and run great nice
and smooth and then suddenly shut off and stay off I can set my climate control to
max 90 still nothing set it down to low 60 nothing no fan. 

just in the mornings when the car is cold will the fan work for less than a min 

I think that most or all ends are covered the climate control box is fine (I tried
two differnt ones) I have'nt put the belt on for the AC. anyone else think this might
cause it?

another thought is the ac control unit/regulator shown in the wonderful haynes manual
dashboard layout configuration located behind and next to the passenger side dash
vents anybody ever have problems with this?

and finaly the possibllity of the blower motor itself has any one had a dieing blower
go on and off with simular pattern as mine?



Nick Ramone
Redwood City California
85 5ks
87 4ksq

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