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The irony of the chase, RIP.

    I can't help but be really put back by the death of Princess Di.  I saw
the first broadcast as they broke through the local programming and I was
stunned,  at first she was listed in critical condition, then downward to
"grave condition"  as the Brits say it.  I found myself watching and waiting
to see what would unfold.  All of a sudden it struck me,   It seemed like I
was captured by the enemy which had killed the Princess.  The media.   I,  at
that point refused to watch another second of the broadcasts.   Here we sit
bickering about the facts which we rely on the media to provide for us,  is
it right for us to watch the broadcasts?  What makes the local tv broadcasts
any different from the "star,  the examiner, or theGlobe" ?  They are using
the same footage, and pictures.    What really just floored me is the fact
that Sunday night some hungry-for-ratings tv station actually re-broadcast
the original Wedding of Chuck & Di.  This totally infuriated me.  I thought
to myself, "television really is the antichrist" and off the tv went.   Lets
give this whole ordeal a rest.  Believe me, when all the facts are in, and
all the statements are official,  I will be of the first who want to know the
real story.   As far as the Audi content thus far, all I have to say is lets
all thank our appropriate theological figure that it WAS a Benz, not an audi.
  But then again,  that would be one way to afford a new A4.

Please just let her rest in peace,  the gossip and the media was the
murderer.  Resist.