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Ur-Quattro questions - Cylinder Head replacement / repairs


Does anyone know if a Cylinder Head from an Audi 200 Turbo is interchangeable with the early 10V Turbo (WR) engine in the Ur-Quattro? How about fitting a head from another 10V Ur-Quattro (eg. like the MB engine) - would this work with minor hassle?

My particular interrest is that my cylinder head has a nasty crack in it from where it sips oil (minor amounts though) and I haven't been able to find a replacement here in Sweden - 200 engines are around though...

Anyone got experience in trying to weld their cracked cylinder head? Should I attempt...

If everything else fails, perhaps someone knows where I can get hold of a replacement? My car is an early -82 with the WR engine.

Please respond to this message privately as well - I am out of the country for a while and might miss the reply in the Digest!


Jonas Sultan

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