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Not a word about OJ here...

You might want to delete this now, there is no mention of any name
connected to (or dis-connected from, for that matter) with Winsor family,
and there IS actually some list-relevance contained here

Sean works himself up into a dandy lather, (and who could blame him...?),
but it makes some folks worry that he might be rabid.  All that foam about
the mouth-parts, don'chaknow...

Geez, watch out there, Sean, this might be catching... Oooops, too late!
Yer kindly ol' Unka Bart seems to have caught whatever bug brother Sean

>     I can't help but be really put back by the death

Death happens, folkx.  It ain't a great tragedy for the dead, and frankly,
it doesn't bother me a whit.  One is no more capable of having life without
death than without birth.  Sorry, but that's the way it is.  I get sad,
feeling my own personal loss of the love and companionship when the life of
one *close* to me passes this mortal coil, but no one mentioned in all the
wasted bandwidth recently fits that bill.

> I will be of the first who want to know the real story.

Whatever floats yer boat...

> the gossip and the media was the murderer.

WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP (Uh oh, there goes the dreaded rant alert!!!  Battle
Stations, everyone...)

Has anyone here ever heard of the concept of "Personal Responsibility?"
Regardless of the model, as near as I can tell, there was only *one* set of
controls in the car that crashed so spectacularly in that tunnel in Paris
so recently.  Unless the news reports have mis-reported, there were no
members of the media at the controls when the fan got brown and stinky.

There was no media connection between unfastened seat-belts, intoxication
of the vehicles operator, or the rate of speed involved.  Now unless I miss
my guess, one or more of those factors played the determining factor in the
outcome, and I haven't seen any credible evidence that the press was
somehow responsible for any one of those factors.

The list relevance is that this is a group that likes to drive fast, and
crashing is one of those things that, as sh*t has a way of doing, *Happens*
to folks who drive.  Fast or slow.  Unfortunately however, just like the
forces involved, the consequences increase along with the speed involved.

Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart likes to drive fast.  Sometimes, and under some
circumstances, *very* fast.  He has also seen the relationship between
high-speed and the consequences of crashing while so involved.

Get this.  I let someone else drive my '66 corvette and I went to sleep.
He picked up party lites in his mirror and tried to outrun the cop.  We
went airborne at a speed estimated by the OK Highway Patrol as being in
excess of 145mph, and crashed.  Given that we went airborne and flew 264
feet through the air, followed by doing "endo's" for another 600+ feet, the
crash was rather spectacular, at that.  The driver was very intoxicated and
so was I.

Get this.  It was *MY* fault.  It was *MY* car, and *MY* responsibility to
ensure that it was driven sanely, and *I* failed to do that.  I was stupid
and irresponsible, and while I didn't have the market cornered on that, I
*alone* am responsible for the outcome.  The driver is responsible for his
own injuries, but the overall responsibility, including my own crushed
chest and lost right lung, is *MINE*!  I've never said otherwise.

While I don't drive intoxicated anymore, I still love to drive fast, and I
still do it.  I never do it without being aware that it is my
responsibility for anything that happens, even if someone does something
stupid and unanticipated in front of me.  Someone else doing something
unanticipated, by the way, is quite often how "accidents" happen.  Expect
the un-expected, and expect the mouth-breathers to do something stupid...

There are no excuses, boys and girls, just CONSEQUENCES and RESPONSIBILITIES.

Soooooo... Whenever your foot gets a bit heavy on the loud-pedal, give this
message a moment's consideration...

yer kindly ol' Unka Bart