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Re: Safety

Hairy green toads from Mars made PAT MARTIN say:

> I have to agree with Tony here. There are laws of physics at work here
> that a car simple can't overcome. If you figure that the car
> decellerated from 100 to 0 mph in about 5 feet (front of Benz to
> footwell). That presents a huge g force to the passengers. How many g's
> I don't know, but this is what tears up internal organs. Maybe a lister
> who is good with physics can figure this out? 

100 MPH = 146.66 ft/sec.
Assuming linear deceleration, average = 73.33 ft/sec.
To go 5 feet requires 5/73.33 = .0681 seconds.
146.66 ft/sec / .0681 seconds = 2153.6 ft/sec2 = 67.3 G

That many G's is usually referred to as a sh*tload.


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