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Re: Quattro Weight & Cd?

I can only help a little:
1987 5000CS TQ weight 4453lbs.  Cd .30
this is odd b/c I looked in Automobile Magazine October 1987 when they did
a 4 seasons test on the wagon.  Their weight was 3437lbs.  I did find some
info on the Audi history page:  http://www.audi.de/facts/historie/e_1982.html
	But I think accessing Road & Track, or any other auto magazine archives
should do.  Because of the list of weight and  stuff at the end of the
	I did, however, just come onto this:  http://sportscarmarket.com/a4.htm
which has what you need for the A4.
	If I find anything else I'll forward it to you.  And if you can find the
Road & Track homepage please let me know.


At 11:51 PM 9/2/97 -0600, David Detienne wrote:
>I have been trying to find weight and effective area (Cd*A,
>coefficient of drag * frontal area) for all the Audi Quattros.
>I can find stuff like height, width, horsepower, etc, but
>weight and Cd numbers are elusive.  Is there a place on the 
>net or book that has this?  Please email answers to me,
>detienne@ee.utah.edu.  Thanks!