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RE: 16" Rims on 4kq's

Hi Pat

I've also been toying with two other ideas.  The first being to simply
move the fenders out a little bit to accommodate the wider tire and rim,
since I have to do quite a bit of bodywork anyway.  The other option
I've considered is buying a set of Ron Wood's fiberglass UrQ fender
flares and making the car look like a 4000/UrQ, including blending the
rear fenders into the doors.

These are some ideas I'm playing with right now.


-mark nelson

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> From: 	PAT MARTIN[SMTP:MARDKINS@classic.msn.com]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, September 02, 1997 9:33 PM
> To: 	Mark Nelson
> Cc: 	quattro
> Subject: 	RE: 16" Rims on 4kq's
> You will never fit 225's on a 4kq unless you do some serious bodywork.
> The 
> widest you can possibly fit is maybe a 215 but I doubt it.  I also
> doubt that 
> just any old 16x7.5" wheel will work even with a 205.  I have seen
> several 
> listers that have had problems with 7.5's without enough offset.  Mine
> are 
> 16x7 et 35 and are very tight inside and out.  My tires are 205/45/16
> and the 
> rolling diameter is also critical as they will rub in the back if they
> are too 
> tall. I have H&R springs that lower it as much as Eibachs.
> Pat Martin
> 864000csq  2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge,advanced and loving it.  Drilled
> and 
> stopping it.  Koenig Cobra 16x7 with AVS Intermediates, turbo coming
> soon, 
> K&N.
> 95 subaru legacy 
> Bothell, Wa
> Can anyone running 16" rims on a 4kq, preferably with Eibach Pro Kit
> springs, provide me with any thoughts or comments on rim widths and
> tire
> sizes you're running.  I'm thinking of a 16x17.5" w/probably a
> 225/40ZR16 Dunlop SP Sport 8000.  TIA!!
> -Mark Nelson
> '90 s2 (Building for SCCA Pro Rally)
> '85 4kstq (10VT transplant in the works)