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Re: A|C problem

Hmm--just what is this "basic setting?"  Could that cause the control
unit to not operate properly?



>It's no easy answer when complain about A\C relatad problem.When AUDI
>first introduce the completly fully automatic A\C system on 90,A6,A4 all
>w\134a refrigerant there lot of problem, beginnig w\ compressor
>noise,lack of cooling in some case,only cool in center vent and left and
>right does not cool enough an so on. TWO major problem are found A\C
>control unit and wrong setting when performed the "basic setting" on the
>dealer(I think,it my opinion, the dealer it trying to do the best with
>the customer,but not always go alrigth)If you don't notice any leakeage
>on any part of the A\C system even seems incredible the 134a is gone for
>any reason that I don't know yet.Another thing is when a "dealer put a
>new Climate Control" "they" should be coding the new Climate Control and
>perform a "basic setting" that very important thing ON EVERY MODEL WITH
>ELECTRONIC CLIMATE CONTROL.NOBODY on street can help if don't have the
>VAG 1551 or 1552 in hand.Even when people said someone on street fix the
>problem,but some time A\C could do a problem again.