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WTB: '86 5KSQ Headlights/grill


	Looking for some parts and some advice.  I need to replace the
headlights in an '86 5KSQ (non turbo) as cheaply as possible (so Euros
are out, for that car).  I have an extra turbo passanger side headlight

	Here are the possibilities:

a) Get 2 non turbo headlights and grill from junkyard/list member,
lights are same as stock.

b) Get a drivers side turbo headlight assembly and grill assembly, use
my passanger side assembly, and convert the car to the turbo lights (I
assume this is a straight swap).

c) Get euros for my '87 5KCSTQ, and swap my non euros, turbos to the

	Option "B" would be the cheapest, followed by "A".  However, if I can
find euros for my car, I'd like to go with "C". 

	Anyone have any of the above mentioned parts they want to get rid of? 
Anyone have a source for cheap euros?  Any advice I can get on this
matter, would be greatly appriciated.

	Also, looking for a good body shop in the greater Boston area, fo minor
cosmetic work.  Any suggestions?

	Thanks in advance for an input!

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