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Re: Wanted-S4 badge

 > Richard Browne wrote:
 > 5.  Does anyone know how to repair (or weld) pot metal?  The S4 badge
 > from the grille broke and I would just as soon repair it.  Anyone know a
 > good source for a replacement?

   A new badge will cost around $45.00, a bit steep, I agree. I've
   had good luck with hobby epoxy, it's sold at RC airplane shops
   and catalogs and consists of two tubes that must be mixed.

   I've also made new badges and other parts that are no longer
   available or too expensive to justify replacing (glueing always
   deteriorates.) Get some Crazy Glue, and piece the part together,
   then using hydrocal plaster or similar casting plaster, make a
   mold of the part. Buy a can of Acrylic Resin - 2  (usually sold
   through art supply catalogs), pour the acrylic in the mold, when
   fully cured is as hard as a rock, then you  can spray paint it
   metallic silver, paint to spec. etc.


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