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Diana accident

   Lets face it.  The Mercedes 600SEL is one of the safest cars in the world.

   Considering the high speed of the accident (the driver, who's blood-alcohol
level was 3 times the legal limit, and driving at speeds in excess of 120 mph)
the car was amazingly well intact.  If it weren't for it rolling, the car would
have looked a lot better (hence, the A and B pillars would not have been
crushed in).  The passenger shell is actually pretty much intact.

   I am sorry about this horrible trajedy, but had Princess Diana simply been
wearing her seatbelt, she would have been alive today.  When a car hits a
concrete barricade at 120 mph and rolls over, unbucked passengers are thrown
forward at the same relative speed.

   I, however take this accident to be a testiment to the safety of Mercedes.
I find it amazing that the bodyguard, who was the only one in the car wearing
a seatbelt and who was sitting in the front passenger seat (supposedly the
most dangerous seat) survived!!!!

   Mercedes has already sent engineers to inspect the wreckage.  I don't know
who already sent this, but they were right!  Mercedes often buys thier own
vehicles back after one has been in a high speed accident, take them back to
thier lab and study them.  I think this is great and Mercedes has been a
pioneer in safety while our country seems to be regressing (that's right, due
to politics, the NHSTA no longer uses barrier imact tests!!!)

   The moral of the story is that this accident could have been avoided.  Sorry
if I offend anyone, but I had to speak my mind here.

   ex 5000tq (gone but not forgotten)