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Re: local mechanics (Wash. DC)

Jonathan Monetti writes:

>I do know that many people speak very highly of AutoCentro in
>Rockville--they are family run and do specialize in Audi (you're
>supposed to ask for Paolo, I believe).
I would recommend Auto Centro, except that recently their 'stardom'
has gotten away with them.  The waiting list has been 3-4 weeks
the last couple of times I called, and when (about 6 mons ago) they
'rushed' me in for a major service on my wife's minivan (only 1
week's notice) they were so busy I had an uncomfortable feeling
that the job was also rushed (they closed at 6pm but it was 7:20pm
that day before they finished with our van).

Apart from that however, I've been an occasional customer for 11
years, and only have good things to say about their work and their

-Mark Quinn