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Re: A4Q wheel dust covers??

Andrew Duane sed:
>Dust shields are cosmetic only, and *might* damage the brakes. I've
>never gotten a real answer to this (most dealers want to play CYA).

They hold in HEAT as well as all that brake dust.  And if you don't clean
them often...
that ol'debbil brake dust is gots ta be goin somewhere...

>The real solution is to get pads that don't squeak or shed. I use the
>Axxis (Repco) Deluxe Organics on both my Q's, and neither one sheds so
>much as a single speck of dust. No squeals, either.

Ditto.  Excellent pads for my daily drivers.  I thought I was the only one
using these great, inexpensive pads.

EXCEPT for track driven cars.  The Deluxe Organics are NOT meant for track
usage, and will either fade badly or boil your brake floyd.

Go ahead, ask me how I know...
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