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Polyurethane A-arm bushings

Subject: Polyurethane A-arm bushings
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 20:40:11 GMT

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Before this gets way out of hand...
> Is there any relationship between poly bushings and collecting posts
> during track driving?

I don't know.  I'm wondering what Paul will blame the incident on - I'll
see him tomorrow evening.

I have had urethane control (read A) arm bushings in my ur-q since 
September 1994. I have probably >10k miles on them and they are fine.
With these installed, I have driven my car at Brainerd Raceway in MN, 
locally at Stapleton and on the ice track at Steamboat Springs. And many
miles of just driving. Are they stiff? yes. Do they squeak? yes. Do they
add some spring rate? yes. 

BTW, mine are from Sportwheels.
Dave Lawson