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RE: I think it's getting louder...

I have had experience with the water pump rattling terribly but not
leaking.  When I pulled it off the car the shaft was definitely LOOSE.
With a new one the noise was gone. This was on an '86 4ks.
chris perry

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>Sent:	Wednesday, September 03, 1997 2:36 PM
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>Subject:	I think it's getting louder...
>the rattling noise at the front and top of the engine, I mean.  Maybe I'm
>listening for it now.  Been thinking it's the hydro pump but am beginning to
>wonder if it is the water pump making all the noise.  Looked in the archives
>found few occurances of water pump failures and no mention of failure being
>preceeded by such an aural announcement.  (It is possible that I need
>using the search engine...)  
>I rebuilt the hydro pump a few months ago which stopped the overflow problem
>the reservoir, but now it leaks a bit.  Coolant temperatures are well
>Anyone out there illuminate me on what I'm likely up against? 
>Regards,  Gross Scruggs