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Wanted:sport seats for '87 5Tq

  Hello club,
        I thought I'd post this one again as a few of my leads on Sport
seats fell through from before. I'm sick of the lawn chairs that came
stock with this vehicle and am looking for Black or Black/gray heated
sport seats for my car. I know they started making them in '86 on the
5000 Tq, and have seen many in the Black/gray combination. These 
would be fine but I'd prefer all black. Sport seats from the 200 Q's and
even the V8's would work also. Anyone know of any junk/recyle yards
that may have some from one of these vehicles. I haven't even called
Shokan yet as I really don't want to be bent over. Any help or leads would
be great! TIA,

Chad Clark '87 5k Tq with what resembles a seat from your mom's buick.