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Re: Um, next PROBLEM! (this time: Charging System)

At 02:48 PM 9/3/97 -0700, Ken wrote:
>I rarely speak about the Audi gods.
>My car has always seemed like it didn't maintain a high enough voltage,
>according to my stock voltmeter.  It usually stays at or just below the
>12v mark.  I would be more comfortable if it were around 14v or so,
>unloaded by the fan and stuff.
>PROBLEM:  Today, at lunch the voltmeter began reading lower and lower. 
>When I left it last, it was almost totally rested on the "lowest"
>reading (below 8v).
>Start wth the easy stuff: loose fan belt,poor connections  poor ground
open connection at battery cable crimps.  Check battery, charge it, etc.
Dont replace battery and alternator first . Mike
>I took a multimeter to the battery with the car off.  It read around
>12v.  With the car running, it was more toward 8v.
>I guess I'm going to catch a ride home, and bring back my other Audi's
>alternator/regulator and battery (just in case).
>What's the procedure to diagnose what's wrong?  
>Ken  <fingers crossed - please, not the archives! I'm on 14.4kbps,
>dialing an outside line at work!>
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