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Seat belt laws in Europe

GaidosIII@aol.com wrote:
> I am amazed that the fact Di did not have a seat belt on hasn't played a
> larger part in this story. I have studied the photos I have seen and I am
> certain the passengers in the rear compartment would have survived had they
> been buckled up.
>  This seems like a prime opportunity to press the logic behind wearing a seat
> belt and instead it seems buried under media hype. Perhaps "those in charge"
> would just assume it not be made a big story because then the real tragity
> comes to light - Princess Di would still be alive today.
>  My .02 cents
> Anton

I post this independently of the Lady Di issues. My wife and kids where
(i.e. Hungary) last year. My wife was astonished, that the law in
Hungary sez,
it's mandatory to HAVE the seatbelts in the rear seats, but it is only
for the rear seat passengers to wear it. Further, a child is just a
person - and you can squeeze LEGALLY four small kids in the back of a
Lada -
without using seatbelts. A common sign in Europe are kids playing and
freely on the back seats.

I wish CHP there... (with CA-penalties).

On the other side, the alcohol rules are **much** more strict over
there, than
here. Sure is sure, we usually keep the lowest common denominator in the
seatbelt and alcohol issues (i.e. doing according the Hungarian alcohol
law in 
CA and the CA seatbelt law in Hungary). Saves money, too... But before
getting under suspect, I represent CHP or the "H" Police - I must admit,
speed limits in both places are for us a totally different issue ;^)

I've seen a blue Lada with blue lights on the top (and a big, red,
flashing Stop
sign) BEFORE our car and a black-white Chevy Caprice Classic (with
lights similarly
flashing) BEHIND our car. They where just road tax collectors... :^(

BTW- anybody knows, why the tax collectors stop the victims in Europe
from the
front, but in the U.S. and Canada from behind?


'97 A6QW
'95 Mitsu Diamante