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Re: Um, next problem (Charging System) (and other stuff)

In article <340E306D.1569@qnet.com>, Ken <kkeith@qnet.com> wrote:
> Started up OK, voltage was "normal" for the car.  I will be going
> through all the ground straps 'n stuff very soon.  I may move the
> battery to the trunk (yeah!  try and eat through my plug wires now,
> mister battery acid man!)

Haha, you'll show him, when all he has to eat is the bottom of your

Ok, seriously, has anyone done this on a 4k?  I will be crawling
around the trunk in the medium future to do some stereo upgrades, so
now would be the time to improve the weight distribution if I can.

> I am really bothered by how hot my damn car is!  I know Audis run the
> gamut of "normal" operating temperatures, but in my opinion, if it's
> "normal", it should be in the middle of the gauge!

The water temperature?  Mine is almost always either dead center or
one notch to the left.  It did drop down another two notches or so
during extended highway driving last winter, but only during the
*very* cold days.  The oil temperature lives about 130C.

On a three-hour high-speed drive last week (80F outside temp) the
water temp stayed at the same mid-gauge level even while the oil was
running at 150C (!), and the transmission noticeably warm from inside
the driver's compartment.  That's why I have synthetic in both...
['86 Coupe GT]