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EEEK!! ATF Question

My long-lost cousin David_Powell@hqlink.cbsi.com (David Powell) sez:

> I now have friends telling me "they have heard.......<all kinds of terrible
> things>....will happen if you change the transmission fluid in a car that has
> high mileage and possibly has not had it's ATF changed in known history.  Those
> same friends recommend I leave the existing ATF right where it is and don't
> touch the transmission.  None of them own Audis.  Few of them are car mechanics.
>  What should I do?
> TIA,
> DPowell

With respect to your friends, I hope they know more about their 
professions than they do about cars.  Their recommendation is a 
recipe for transmission failure.  Most people don't know diddly about 
lubricants or their applications...and are totally unqualified to 
comment.  They know nothing but rumor and legend - most of which is 

Change that ATF!!  It DOES break down, wear out, and will fail in 
time.  Old ATF can also build up a layer of varnish in the 
tranny....BAD.  Although mechanical failure can always occur, 
automatic transmissions don't have to break down - but never changing 
the fluid (AND replacing the filters or cleaning the screens, which 
is done at the same time) is a good way to almost guarantee that 
you'll be buying a transmisson rebuild sooner or later.

The best ATF is synthetic - Mobil 1, Amsoil or related products - and 
will resist breakdown and viscosity changes as well as NOT building 
up varnish in the tranny.

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