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RE: 16" Rims on 4kq's

	The point of this car, isn't to build a race car.  I've done the
math to figure out what the differences will be between the stock 205's
on the car right now, and switching to a 225/40R16.  The numbers are
sitting on a piece of paper at home, so I'm writing these down from
memory.  Forgive me if they are slightly off, but they shouldn't be by

	The 205R14 on the car right now, has a width of 8.07", and a
diameter of 23.68".  This tire does not fit tight anywhere that I can
see, including by the spring perch.  The 225 I want to run is 23.87" in
diameter and has a width of 8.61".  These sizes are insignificant in
their difference.  I'm not worried about rubbing the tire on the spring
perch, as all I will have to do is get a correctly offset wheel.
Altering the fenders is not a problem to do either.

	Changing the suspension and tires is not going to cause problems
on the car...quite the opposite in fact.  The handling of the car should
be greatly improved as well as traction.  The original intention on
these cars was to make them comfortable_to_drive.  It doesn't hurt
anything, other than the ride, to change the suspension setup on the


	-mark nelson

	'90 s2 (building for SCCA Pro Rally)
	'85 4ktq (10vt transplant in the works)

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> Hey folks
> Going wider on tires will also probably mean rubbing at the spring
> perch. 
> Clearances are tight already. That means spacers, which means recalc
> on springs 
> and shocks which change response characteristics of the platform(car)
> which 
> means all the work done by Audi engineers on complex computer programs
> that 
> anticipate all events including accidence avoidance etc. goes down the
> tube.
> If you want a race car get a race car.
> (From a former racer who has learned the hard way)
> I've spent good dollars chasing the performance envelope only to find
> I was 
> going backwards instead of forward.
> Cheers
> Paul A. Caouette
> Partners for Community Development
> Denver, Colorado
>  83 TQC with 207k & Still Going
>  85 4000Q 
> And Many past Audis Gone but not Forgotten