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RE: Stripped subframe bolts

Curious. I have exactly the same problem right now, and am still trying
to figure out how to fix it. How did you fix yours?

Chris Semple suggested cutting a small hole in the frame rail, sticking
a nut in there, maybe tack welding it, or maybe putting in a tapped
piece of plate, then welding the access hole back up. He wasn't too hot
on helicoil, but didn't offer any reason why it couldn't work (is that
an accurate summary, Chris?). TIA.

-Ian Duff.
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	Subject:	Stripped subframe bolts

	My question of the day outta curiousity is what other listers
have done when
	they have had stripped subframe bolts.  Mine was done courtesy
of the dealer.
	I have it repaired now, but just wondering.  Anyone tap and die
it or helicoil?