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Re: Um, next problem

On Wed, 03 Sep 1997 20:52:13 -0700, Ken wrote:

> [ ... ]
>So, actually my point was, that after I take care of the clutch and see
>why my brakes are so damn hard <really>, I will very seriously be
>looking into that Group 6 alternator "upgrade".

Although I have installed the external voltage regulator kit offered
by Group 6 Performance and even though it seems to be working,
I would advise caution.

(1) It is not necessarily a straightforward modification. I had to
carefully machine the alternator plug (that replaces the internal
regulator) to clear the rear alternator cover as found on the 5kt
cars and some rewiring is required that is not well explained in
the instructions - there is some terminology confusion for

(2) The folks at Group 6 couldn't give a sh*t. Do not expect
any help whatsoever over the telephone. You won't get past
the receptionist (or whoever).

I suggest contacting Puma at 800-333-7862.  This outfit specializes
in Hella lighting products and supplies a voltage regulator upgrade
kit for Bosch units so the alternator can support big lights. I haven't
dealt with these folks yet and there may be similar issues with their
kit, but they couldn't possibly be worse than the clowns at Group 6.
(But I should have known better. Group 6 is a OVLOV tuner!)

DeWitt Harrison     de@aztek-eng.com
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq