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RE: UK News

> A few brief notes from the September newsletter:
> The UK [ur-]quattro Owners Club now has 634 paid-up members - 71 of whom are 
> overseas.  It would be nice to have an issue containing lots of overseas 
> reports.
I agree!  I know that there were at least two members at Pikes Peak.  Per-
haps we should prepare a report from there for the newsletter.  I've got 
my pix and video work done ... to be honest though Eric's web page is more 
exciting.  I'm willing to help out if it is felt that such a report would 
be useful in the newsletter.  Let me know ... and let me know with whom I 
should be in contact.

It is getting to be about time to start collecting the membership dues for 
next year isn't it?  Dave, are you going to volunteer to be treasurer 
again?  I heartily recommend joining the club ... there is a regular news-
letter (monthly!) and once or twice a year the group publishes a magazine 
style issue that has a lot of great articles for Audi fans.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)