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Re: Short fixed; ACC setup question

So...does Bentley advise fixing ones shorts before, or after, backseat sex?
Of course if your fuse blows _during_ ...oh well, never mind. ;-)

And now for something completely different:
Recently some info was posted on the necessity for the ACC unit to be
appropriately programmed ("basic setup") for the particular audi model. Is
there a straightforward diagnostic aid to determine if this _hasn't_ been
done (other than erratic AC behavior)? I know that the flashing ext. temp
light is an indicator of control unit problems, but if it sometimes flashes
(as in my '89 100) can it simply be an indication there's a problem that
can be corrected by reprogramming?

'89 100
(Hoping to replace it with a 200tq. Where are ya?)

>Date: Wed, 03 Sep 1997 10:43:49 -0700
>From: RC Ringlien <rringlie@isd.net>
>Subject: Short fixed
>Greetings listers:
>   FYI, if any of you with 200's have trouble with lighting circuit at
>fuse 4(clock display, radio freq display, courtesy lights, cig
>lighter(s), etc., you might want to check the rear cig lighter as a
>cause or possibly the rear window lockout switch at the driver door.
>My wife apparently hauled something in the back seat that kept the cig
>lighter depressed and fried it.  Disconnecting it solved my fuse blowing
>problem.  After all, unless you're having a smoke after backseat sex,
>who needs that lighter anyway.  Cheers.
>RC Ringlien

        Phil Rose
                        E-mail: pjrose@servtech.com
        Judy Rose