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Help from turbo gurus? (A4 turbo)

Yes, Ive been to the dealer.
This is the only place I feel I can get a satisfactory answer.... My 20v
turbo (manual) has a hesitation when the engine is not at full temp.
Under acceleration, something (turbo?) chirps and I feel a hesitation.
Ive never had a turbo car, but this really feels like the turbo stops
and no boost for a split second. Isnt that really bad???
Has anyone had this problem with their turbos? Any year??

The service manager insists the problem is bad fuel software on my chip.
The service tech rode around with me (and that obdII monster) to get a
readout that says I have a problem. _I_ KNOW I HAVE A PROBLEM.
If there is a problem, the printout is faxed to germany and a new
computer chip is allocated to my car. I couldnt get a bad reading.

The car goes back friday to be tested while cool to see if the problem
appears again. I want to get everything square... Im getting a Hoppen
chip and I DONT need a turbo failure with a non-factory chip.
Thanks for your help!

Jason Palmer
97 1.8tqm w/ 5019miles and a power-sucking cricket under hood.