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Re: Fuel filter replacement

Steven Buchholz wrote:
> I find that R&R of the fuel filter is usually quite simple, but there are
> a few caveats.  First, there is a pressure accumulator in the system, which

Having just BTDT on my '93 90 (which should have the same fuel filter
setup as the '92 100 in question), there are a few tricks :-)

> means that even though you have left the car sitting for a while, there will
> be some gasoline coming out when you remove the old filter.  Make sure you
> are in a well ventilated area, and have something under the filter like an
> old towel to catch the gasoline.  The second warning is that IME the bolts

A bucket or pan is more like it. I got a pint or two when I undid the
fittings. You have the pressure accumulator to empty and the fuel
filter itself.

> that attach the fuel lines can be a PITA to remove.  Usually one of the
> lines has an in-line compression fitting ... use a flare nut wrench here
> so that you don't round off the nut!  There is a hex-shaped stamping in

Yes, undo this one first. The fitting is just towards the front of the
car from the filter; it runs left-right. (Some fuel leakage here.)

> the filter ... I find the appropriate wrench for this (using the new fil-
> ter) so that I'm not applying too much force to the metal fuel lines when
> I'm trying to loosen the filter.

Yep. Then losen this banjo fitting on the bottom of the filter. (More
significant leakage now.)

Next, undo the two 10mm bolts which hold the fuel filter clamp to the
underbody and take the whole thing out. What you'll get is the fuel
filter, clamp and a length of fuel line which was attached to one
end of the compression fitting at the bottom and is still attached to
the banjo fitting on the top of the fuel filter (which is not
accessible with the filter in the car).

With this assembly out of the car, you can remove the short line
from the filter and attach it to the new one.

> Make sure to get replacement sealing washers (Cu or Al) when you get the
> new filter.

Ah! *Now* I understand why the whole think leaked like a seive
when I put it back together... Man, I had to tighten those
banjo fittings to stop it... You'll need four washers total.