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Re: Driver's Responsibility

At 02:28 PM 9/4/97 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>I think we have to cut the driver perhaps a little slack.  For all we
know, he 
>might well have protested to one or more of the Al Fayeds or their lackeys 
>about his unfitness to drive because of alcohol.  But he was a long-term 
>personal servant to the family, and considerable pressure might well have
>brought to bear on him via this relationship.  Perhaps he climbed into the
>under considerable protest - and yes, from here we know he should have
>point blank.  But perhaps someone said: "Refuse, and you never work again."

Ok.  I have no problem considering that pressure may have been imposed on
the driver.  Unfortunately this sort of thing *does* happen.  Nevertheless,
I can *not* find it in my heart to "cut him slack" for this.  Drive drunk
or lose your job, and possibly have your employers state publicly or
otherwise that you should never find work again, *or*, drive drunk, risk
killing yourself, your passengers, innocent people not remotely involved in
the situation, and hope that you survive to keep your job?  I'm sorry.
Neither prospect is particularly appealing, and to be put in such a
situation is appalling, but there is only one response, IMHO.  Don't drive