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Eurolights/Relay Harness/Volt Reg

Fellow Audians:

With the onset of fall and the darkness that comes with it, I have
finally decided to give my '91 200 TQW the Bosch Twin-bulb Eurolight
upgrade. A friend in Audiland is snagging the lights for me. I'm looking
recommendations on wiring harnesses/relays. Is this a necessary part of
the upgrade? If so, what's hot, what's not? Dewitt Harrison recently
raised the "voltage regulator upgrade kit for Bosch units so the
alternator can support big lights" issue. Does one really need to
upgrade the voltage regulator? If so, what does this kit provide? Thanks
in advance for your collective wisdom/help.

BTW, I talked to Puma two days ago and was led to believe that they were
wholesale only, not retail.

My tongue is bleeding as I fight the urge to comment on celebrity auto
accidents. Better go ....


P.S. Oh heck! I first heard these as a child; so long ago and so often,
I really can't remember when, but it may have been the early 1960's ....
"Seatbelts Save Lives" ...  "Buckle-up for safety" (There's the remnants
of a little jingle that when with that one, playing in some far off part
of my brain). Still valid eh?