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re: oil pressure sender (oil buzzer)

>      Does anyone know a quick test for the oil pressure sending unit?  I 
>      have an 86 Coupe GT.  My gauge is pegged and the idiot light and 
>      buzzer come on intermittently although there does not appear to be a 
>      genuine oil pressure fault i.e. I've had this indication for several 
>      weeks.
>      Also, is the sending unit the little 1 inch diameter tin can with two 
>      terminals located on the block near the dipstick?  The Audi dealer 
>      gave me a price of $148.00.  BAP-GEON gave me a price of $4.95.  
>      Anyone have a legitimate part number???
>      Tom Brown


My car did the same thing ('86 C-GT).  Most responses from the list were
to pull the relay and not worry about it.  That's what I had already
did.  Someday, I'll get a new whatever is needed, but not hurry.

What's a "BAP-GEON"?  I'll look for the part number.  Or try calling The
Parts Connection, talk to Rod, tell him I sent you.  The number is (800)
517-6060.  Omigod!  I know it by heart!

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