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<Audi> what to look for in buying a 200

I've never bought an Audi new, only used.  Whenever I buy one, I spend
considerable time checking and replacing stuff that I know might be a
problem.  In buying my '90 200tqw (USA version) last April, I finally got
serious and put my plan into an Excel spreadsheet.  I thought it might be
useful to share what I checked, fixed, or replaced (including part #'s); it
may help someone who is looking at one or just bought one....feel free to
share comments.......SLM

(Part #'s are in parentheses and are Audi unless noted)
Air conditioning, recirc flap - fix	
Air filter - replace (021-129-620)
Battery - check/replace (Sears DieHard International Group 41)
Belts, accessory - replace
Brake fluid - flush/replace (Castrol LMA)
Brake, parking - adjust (replace left rear caliper 447-615-424)
Brakes, front - replace pads/rotors (rotor 447-615-301B & Cool Carbon
419-GR CC pads)
Brakes, rear - replace pads/rotors (rotor 443-615-601B & Cool Carbon 228-BL
CC pads)
Brakes, hydraulic accumulator - replace (443-612-061H)
Breather hoses (1 of 3) - replace (034-103-221-L crankcase to valve cover)
Breather hoses (2 of 3) - replace (034-103-247-D 3-opening tee; top of
valve cover)
Breather hoses (3 of 3) - replace (034-103-221-BJ from tee to intake boot)
Coolant, engine - flush/replace (Prestone 5/50 phosphate-free; coolant
reservoir 8AO-121-403-A; short hose below thermo 034-121-063-C)
Differential lock - check/fix
Driveshaft, center bearing - grease (Mobil 1 synthetic grease)
Exhaust, hangers - check
Exterior - wax (P21s)
Front end - align
Fuel filter - replace (Audi 832-133-511; Bosch 0450-905-133 (015))
Fuel injection, test plug - missing (049-133-777B)
Fuel pump - replace (Bosch 0580-254-023)
Gearbox/diff fluid - replace (Redline MT-90 (trans); 75w-90 (diff))
Headlights - check/adjust
Heater fan - check/replace (443-959-101A)
Idle stabilizer valve - clean
Idle/full throttle switch - replace (Bosch 0280-120-308)
Intercooler, hose to turbo (Samco hose from TAP)
Intercooler, hose to throttle body (Audi 034-145-720 or Samco from TAP)
Interior, headliner - clean (Westley Dri-Clean)
Interior, leather - clean/preserve (Lexol)
License plate holder, front - install (443-807-287-A-01C)
Lock, drivers door - check mechanism	
Oil - change (Mobil 1 15w-50)
Oxygen sensor - replace (Bosch 13013)
Paint, touch-up - fix chips
Pentosin - flush/replace (Pentosin G-002-000)
Radiator, upper/lower hoses - replace (447-121-101-H (upper); 447-121-055-B
Radiator, thermoswitch - replace (191-959-481-C)
Sensors, coolant & multifunction - replace (049-919-501 (1-wire);
035-919-369S (2-wire); 034-919-369C (multifunc))
Stereo - clean cassette	n/a
Thermostat - replace (069-121-113)
Timing belt/water pump - replace (water pump 034-121-004X)
Tires - replace
Truck lid shocks - replace (445-827-551)
Tuneup, wires/cap/rotor/plugs - replace (All Bosch #'s:	Cap 03239; wires
09008; rotor 04170; plugs W7DTC)
Windshield, front/rear wipers - replace (Bosch 21")
Windshield, washer fluid - check/replace (Prestone)
Windshield, washer jets - adjust

Steve Manning:  stephenm@ix.netcom.com
...Physical home: Metro D.C. area, USA
.....Virtual home:  http://www.stationwagon.com