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Re: Driver's Responsibility

Sargent E. Schutt wrote:
> Rant mode on. Returning fire...
> Unka Bart wrote:
> >
> > I'm truly surprised at this one, from someone who should know better...

Fellas, PAH-LEEZ! It's getting ugly by the hour.

> Nothin' left to do but smile smile smile. CAN"T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG
> (dammit)?!?

Now, THESE were golden words!

Let me try to discharge tension in the atmosphere:

If Bill Gates built cars.

The top 10 reasons how life would be different if Microsoft built cars:

10.	Owner's manuals would have over 1300 pages and weigh over 3 pounds.
9.	Guarantees would disclaim all promises that the cars were usable for travel.
6.	Opening the car's door for the first time would signal acceptance of the 
	guarantee terms.
5.	We'd all have to switch to Microsoft gasoline.
4. 	The U.S. government would be getting subsidies from a car company, instead of 
	giving them.
3.	Oil, alternator, fuel and engine warning lights would be replaced by a single 
	"general protection Car-fault" warning light.
2.	Sun Micro/Motorsystems would make a car that was solar-powered, twice as 
	reliable and five times as fast, but would run on only 5% of the roads.
3.	You'd be constantly pressured to upgrade your car.
2. 	You could carry only one person in your car at a time, unless you bought Car95 
	or CarNT - but then you'd have to buy more seats.
1. 	Occasionally, your car would stop running for no apparent reason, and you'd 
	have to restart it. But you'd just accept this as normal.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - on order
Philadelphia, PA