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Re: cam advance (timing gear adjustmnent)

At 12:35 PM 9/4/97 -0400, you wrote:

>>>Maybe someone can verify, I had been told that a Neuspeed (or equivalent)
>>>adjustable cam gear for an 8valve VW will fit.

>This is an important item to verify - Audi adjustables go for 150.00, and 8V
>VW models seem to hover under 100.00...

All VW 8V , Audi 5KS, 5KCST, 5KCSTQ, 4KCSQ, Coupe GT  use the
same stock timing gear,  as well as 100&200 thru '89 and 80Q, 90 and
90Q thru mid '89. So I see no reason why the VW adjustable wouldn't 
work on these Audis. Anyone who is interested in an adjustable gear is 
welcome to email me privately.

<Disclaimer> - I *do* have a financial interest in this one, I sell them
for VW's. Never sold one to an Audi customer yet but.....

Hope this helps,

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