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Am I alone?

Does anyone else see either of these problems?

I'd like to call Audi of USA and have some ammunition...

1.  The door molding/impact beam corrosion problem. The molding seems to
    get warped, and the impact beam inside corrodes. Eventually the beam
    doesn't want to hold the threads, and the molding comes off on one
    end. It happened to my passenger side a week and a half ago, and
    last night it happened to my drivers side molding! Clair can give me
    the molding for $100 and the beam for $100, so that is $400 to fix
    the problem. I just donated to the gods by replacing my leaky water

2.  Leaky heater core. I had another 5KT which had this problem about 5
    years ago. You smell coolant when the heat first comes on. It does not
    leak enough to give the smell all of the time, but I'm sure the fumes
    are not healthy! It has gotten a little worse every year. I know VW
    had a recall of the heater cores for the models ~85-87. If the same
    supplier was used, what is the chance of a wide spread problem in the
    Audi cores as well?

I'd really appreciate any feedback on these issues. I've lived through
other woes, and still love the car, but some of these failures are ridicilous.
(I've replace 3 wheel bearings, 2 steering racks, 3 hyd. pumps, 2 e-brake
cables, 1 coolant pump, 1 water pump, 1 alternator, 1 transverse link).
Whine, whine.......

Still smiling! :-)