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Re: Expensive lesson: punctur

>  -=> Quoting Dave Brady <=-
>  DB> "No problem, I'll just get another ball joint.  $20 - $25."
>  DB> "Umm, wait a minute.  The ball joint is PART of the control arm!  I
>  DB> have to replace the WHOLE thing!"  (Insert much swearing here.)
>  DB> Linda at Carlsen:  "Your price is $215.  Retail $287."
>   , places like
>      Brookline Machine or Atlantic Machine in Allston will
>      match up a replacement boot.  I don't know about your
>      model, but on the 5KS I pressed out the old Ball Joint
>      and replaced it with a VW type. 

If I'm following this correctly the problem is that Dave punctured 
the rubber boot on one his ball joints.  I have no idea how badly 
torn it is.  However if it just puntured, and not badly torn, it can 
be fixed.  Clean the area around the punture with alcohol, then apply 
a couple coats of liquid electrical tape.  If you want something more 
durable get some speaker patch from any good audio shop.  

just a tought.