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Ive just secured myself another job, which means I will be down in 
London during the week from next month.
Im not sure what Im doing with the car yet, but chances are it will spend 
quite a bit of its time locked in the garage at home, rather than 
using it down there.
Even so, I will try to attend, at some point, some mettings that are 
*local* to London, but then again, I may end up living near Northampton 
anyway, which means I can become another 'Roving Phil'.

I will also be in the market for another motorbike at some point, I just 
hope memebers don't mind if I turn up to an area meeting on that, rather 
than in my quattro :-)

In the meantime, if anyone is at the Area C meeting on Monday, see you 
there !

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
4 Wheels - Audi Quattro			UK Audi Quattro Owners Club
4 Legs   - Dexter			He's a funky kind of horse
2 Legs   - Shanks Pony                  Last resort