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Re: quattro-digest V4 #1014

	The oil cooler in my 87 5KTQ just started leaking...  the leak
appears to be at the lower oil cooler fitting, and is dumping oil at an
aggressive rate..  My local shop mechanic says that I should plan on
replacing the oil cooler, as attempting to unscrew this lower fitting
(where cooler meets return line) always results in breakage of the cooler
body.  Has anyone had success at loosening these fittings without breaking
the cooler housing (liquid wrench/torch/etc??)?  The cooler itself seems
to be in good shape, and I'd sure like to avoid replacing it!!  Does
anyone know of a lower-priced non-oem replacement for this cooler, in case
mine does get damaged??  Anyone have one for sale??  Hopefully I won't
have to replace it, but just in case...  (it is an AUDI, after all!)

Thanks in advance for any advice!!
<< sorry for the BW!>>

PS - THANKS to all who wrote back on my cruise control problem...  It
turned out to be a combination of factors:
1) Torn vacuumm hose
2) Leaky clutch switch
3) Bad vacuumm motor (located in Driver-Side fender)

Joe G