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Re: Turbo problems

At 12:30 PM 9/5/97 -0400, Gorman, Ken  (PA62) wrote:
>I have a 1990 Audi 200 Turbo.  Recently, it lacks power and has little
>boost.  After inspecting all the vacuum lines and trying the minor
>things, i.e. oil change, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, etc. I
>ventured further.  It appears as if the impeller on the turbo doesn't
>spin.  This may be a case of oil coking on the shaft.
>What are my options?
>Is it possible to soak the turbo to remove the oil deposits?  
>Would an oil change with synthetic oil combined with an aftermarket
>additive to remove deposits help?
>Would a few light taps on the turbo cause the impeller to break free and
>Should I have the turbo replaced along with the all the oil lines that
>feed it?  What I'm thinking is that if the heat was high enough to coke
>the oil on the impeller shaft, the oil lines may be clogged as well.
>The car has 140,000 miles on it.  What is the life expectancy for an
>Audi Turbo from 1990.  The car has both an electric radiator fan and an
>electric coolant pump which both come on after the car is shut-off.  I
>thought these improvements kept the temperature of the engine lower,
>thus eliminating the need to idle after extended use.
>note: I rarely idle the car after hard use.>
>What is the approximate cost of a turbo?  I've got quotes of 1600 from
>the Audi dealer, however, I would imagine there are many aftermarket
>alternatives in the 400-600 price range.  Is it reasonable for me to
>assume that I can get a turbo for $400-$600?
>What are the typical labor installation charges to install a new turbo?
>I am a weekend mechanic and am capable for minor jobs (brakes, oil
>changes, hoses, etc.) however, the replacement of a turbo is way beyond
>my capabilities.
>Any advice you could give would be most appreciated.
>Ken Gorman
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>1100 Virginia Drive - Mail Stop 105
>Fort Washington, PA  19034
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>e-mail: Ken.Gorman@iac.honeywell.com
>Ken : Likely Your'e looking at 4 options, each with its own price.
Startin g from cheapist to most exorbident, they are: 1.  Rebuild kit:
seals bearing, gaskets about
$150.2.  A new center section all the stuff plus both wheels &center plate
all assembled and balanced.  Thats the way I had one of my turbos (volvo)
done Price was
around $350-two years ago.Doing it this way depends on the casings being
free of damage.3.  Replace the complete turbo.  Prices 5-900$ depending on
your source.
I've heard positive feedback about Turbonetics, but have not had direct
with them. 4.The Audi dealer, with your Audi on a flatbed. Check with
proctology before opting for this one.I'd Guess $1700 or more. Good idea to
replace oil feed line and be sure drain line is clear. A dirt free work
environment is de rigour
and probably good enough reason for most of us not to risk the potential
for expensive
mistakes. btdt . Good luck, whatever your choice.  Mike