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Re: Audi Gods Strike -- m

-=> Alex Kowalski illuminates us with <=-
 AK> You mention that the vehicle you were trying to jumpstart was a
 AK> I don't know if this is true for every Ford out there, the ones that
 AK> I've seen are WIRED IN REVERSE.
 AK> Yes, it's true.  Positive is GROUND and wired to the FRAME.
 AK> You did hook up the car right for jumpstarting every other vehicle in
 AK> the world - it's just that you were jumpstarting a REVERSE-WIRED FORD.
 AK> You're lucky your car didn't burn to the ground.  

  Ahhh NO,NO,NO. The only cars with "Positive Earth" that I've
  ever had to deal with are from the UK, and even those aren't
  "Positive Earth" for the most part any more.

  It might be that you just had a RED cable going to ground and
  you assumed it was positive. Having dealt with "Positive
  Earth" vehicles accesories, radios, etc. would all have to
  be specifically manufactured for these vehicles, which
  isn't the case with dorF.  

  The poster of the original message managed to jump start or
  at least charge the battery of the car in question, besides,
  even in a "positive earth" vehicle, you'd still hook up the
  battery cables postive to positive, earth to earth (ashes to

  Could be jumper cables, a customer at my friends shop fried
  the wiring harness on his 500SEC ($2500 repair) when he tried
  to jump his Diesel zneB with a pair of jumpers that had the
  clips inverted. The cables had a black clip on one end, and
  a red clip on the other!  He had had the jumpers for a few
  years, and couldn't remember where he had bought them.

  Also, the battery itself can sometimes be reverse polarized,
  not sure of the physics involved,but if you take a totally
  dead battery, hook it up to a charging system backwards,
  and the polarity will be reversed. The battery carcass
  itself has the + on the negative pole and the "-" on the
  positive pole. Only a voltmeter will indicate the true polarity
  of the battery. The one vehicle I've seen this on was a droF
  wagon, the starter was hooked up to the post maked "-" and
  the ground was hooked to the "+" terminal. Putting a voltmeter
  to the battery, however, reavealed that the car was still
  negative ground, and indeed the battery polarity was

  Like Felix Unger once told the jury, you should never
  ASS U ME anything.


... Maybe it's right to be nervous now...
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