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Ken's Dead Turbo

"Gorman, Ken  (PA62)" <Ken.Gorman@ftw1.honeywell.com> asked
(before he admitted later he'd probably sell the car..)

> I have a 1990 Audi 200 Turbo.  Recently, it lacks power and has little
> boost.  After inspecting all the vacuum lines and trying the minor
> things, i.e. oil change, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, etc. I
> ventured further.  It appears as if the impeller on the turbo doesn't
> spin.  This may be a case of oil coking on the shaft.
> What are my options?

1) Replace the turbo.  
2)  Drive it as is, with the non-functional turbo blocking exhaust 
flow and with a lower power engine (lower compression) than the 
non-turbo engine.  Yeeeesh.

> Should I have the turbo replaced along with the all the oil lines that
> feed it?  What I'm thinking is that if the heat was high enough to coke
> the oil on the impeller shaft, the oil lines may be clogged as well.

The rule is ALWAYS replace the oil feed line.  Most turbo warranties 
are void immediately if you do not.  The reason is that they are 
generally at least partially clogged.

> note: I rarely idle the car after hard use.

Ken, not to be rude, but "if you play, you gotta pay."  When you 
don't idle it down, this is the predictable result.  "Your bad"....
> What is the approximate cost of a turbo?  I've got quotes of 1600 from
> the Audi dealer, however, I would imagine there are many aftermarket
> alternatives in the 400-600 price range.  Is it reasonable for me to
> assume that I can get a turbo for $400-$600?

Check with turbo REBUILDERS.  There are a number in Dallas and 
California.  Web searching will find them.  A-1 in California (San 
diego?? Can't recall...) rebuilt the turbo on my 280ZX in 1994.  That 
was a $480 bill if I recall.  I installed it myself.

> What are the typical labor installation charges to install a new turbo?
> I am a weekend mechanic and am capable for minor jobs (brakes, oil
> changes, hoses, etc.) however, the replacement of a turbo is way beyond
> my capabilities.

Why don't you ask others on the list whether this is actually that 
hard?  Sometimes, just by fate, you find an Audi procedure which does
not require being condemned to hell for a day.....OTOH, check for 
labor flat rate as well....

Good luck!

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