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Re: Oil drain plug

At 10:23 PM 09/05/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I decided to change the oil myself on my '92 100S today. Everything involved
>in doing so is easy to access on the car, so I figured it would be simple.
>But I could not get the oil drain plug loose at all. Any tips for getting the
>plug loose? I always thought that overtightening the oil plug strips the pan.
>I guess the last time the idiots at the repair shop changed the oil they
>overtightened it using an air gun.

Yep, someone probably overtightened it. Just keep trying... perhaps a small breaker bar to get some leverage... but be careful, that's all.

>Also, what type of gasket is on the oil plug? TIA.

There is a big copper washer that MUST (well... is highly recommended... if you don't have one... the old one should still work) be replaced each time. They are about ten cents apiece at the dealer. I got a bunch of them... they are in a small plastic sandwich bag in my garage.

Good luck.

>'92 100S (65k)

Yikes... the more I think of it... you've got 65k miles on yours.. and Sean Ford... what do you have now... 35k? I've got 121K!! Yeesh... I gotta slow down a bit!! I wonder, do I have the highest mileage of a '92 vintage with the V-6?

Jim Griffin
Maryland, USA
"Perception is often stronger than reality!"
'92 100S