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lights (thread warning!)

Found a source of Wagner 9004BL ("bright lights") bulbs here in town. Price
was $9.25 each. Installed them into my 86 5KS - be very careful with the
plastic bulb retainer collars - these get brittle and the fingers break off
- always pick up a few extra at the junkyard during parts pilgrimages . . .
yard operators don't know what they are, and seldom charge more than 50
cents each, or give 'em to you outright if you've bought anything else.

Anyway, there is a difference. Not day and night, but beam penetration on
high beam seems further: Lights up road reflectors noticeably further away.
Light seems whiter, too. I'm pleased.

Went for a short drive the other night, and wife said "Did you do something
to the lights?" Result: She wants a set for her car, too!

Got my money's worth, got what I paid for, and since standard 9004 bulbs
cost almost that much anyway, I see no reason not to consider this a
standard upgrade, and replace any burned out 9004 with 9004BL. Only problem
is, you have to find a Wagner dealer, and most of them have no idea what
you're talking about, so be persistent.

Side note on "personal responsibility" thread. In July of 1995, I was on
Montserrat, and took a photo down the crater of the extinct volcano. The
"viewing area", or "scenic outlook" was nothing more than a flat area maybe
10 feet by 20 feet, covered in loose gravel, and ending in a sheer cliff -
with no railing or anything - right into the mouth of the volcano. There
was a small sign which said "Please be careful. Montserrat Tourist Board",
but that was ALL. If you were stupid, you could walk right off the edge of
the cliff, fall into the volcano and die, and there would be no one to sue.

I kind of liked the idea that the Tourist Board gave me credit for enough
intelligence on my part to not fall off the cliff. No "Nanny State" there,
by jove!

Anyway, about two weeks later, the volcano erupted violently, and is still
doing so, destroying a genuine tropical island paradise in the process.

	Disclaimer 1.) I guess no one told the volcano it was extinct.

	Disclaimer 2.) I didn't touch it! I didn't do anything to it! Honest!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman