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97 A$ impressions

if your looking at the a4s dont buy one with the auto transmsiion if you
care about the performance of the car..I had a 97 with the auto and it waws
terrible..it was so unresponsive..granted my other car is an M3 so Im used
to alot of thrust! I traded it in for the 98 2.8 with a manual..nuch much
better..mostly I think its the trans not the engine..the 97 still had 180
some ft pns of torque not too bad..the 98 had what like 207. teach your wife
to drive the stick..thats what I did..the only auto trans I believe in are
those in benzes..there rough but actually fater than the manual
versions...however I heard the new tiptronic is better..still it adds like 2
FULL secs 0-60!

98 a4 q 2.8 sliver