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Timing belt replaced (pics available)

Hello all.
This is an update. The timing belt on the '91 200 tq has been replaced.
The distributer noise did go away as the fellow at Anderson-Behel said
it would. Bad part of the story is this: I phoned Coastal Performance
Near Santa Cruz CA as it was lister recommended originally to have a
front wheel bearing replaced. I phoned there to get an appointment and
the earliest date they had was Tuesday the 2nd. When I told him the
model and year he said "Oh, the rocket ship", so it seemed like he knew
the car. While I was on the phone (this was during the last week of
August) I also asked him how much a "ufo" brake rotor would cost. He
said would have to get back to me. He didn't call so I called him. He
then quoted a price of $150. Yeah, right. I didn't believe it and asked
if the owner of the shop was in. "No he's not here." I found out later
that he is the owner. Weird. Meanwhile, I found the fuel leak and bad
timing belt and he agreed to fix these things when I brought the car in
for the wheel bearing. Took the car in Tuesday the 2nd and he said it
would be done that evening. It wasn't. Apparently it took him all day to
figure out that he needed a special tool for the 20 valve. "No kidding,
Why do you think I brought it in to have you do it!" says Wolff. So car
won't be ready 'till Weds. Weds about 4pm I start getting worried 'cause
I haven't heard from him yet. I go down there. "I need a special tool to
change the wheel bearing, says "Guy". "It'll be fed exxed here
tomorrow." I left the car another day. Thurs 4:45. No phone call. I went
down and picked up the car, bad wheel bearing and all. He had washed the
car and was very pleasant. He didn't make me pay for the work he has
done so far, but wants me to come back to have the wheel bearing
replaced and we will settle then. Now there is a piece of chrome trim
coming off on the front of the car and a squeal of some kind that wasn't
there before. Most noticeable with the a/c on. I guess "the beast" will
be going back next Thurs.

Pics here:
(see the timing belt)